5. Herringbone stitch

It is already week 5 of TAST, Take a stitch Tuesdy. Here is all you need to come along. This week we learn Herringbone Stitch.

Now some of my paradise flowers are embellished with the stitch.




Here are previous samples on denim:

I started by fastening a piece of lace with small Herringbone Stitch, and then I decorated Satin Stitch with Herringbone Stitch on top.

I made a few petals, but the stitches were too long. Therefore I coached them down with Back Stitch.

Then a doodle swatch with Herringbone Stitch mixed with French Knots.

Finally I made a flower with Herringbone and Buttonhole Stitch in the centre.


How to work Herringbone Stitch


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