104. Spanish Feather Stitch

Spanish Feather Stitch is the third stitch new to me from TAST 2109, week 15.
This is a nice looking stitch but not easy to learn. I needed an instruction from YouTube to get hold of it. I also had trouble with the curvy lines on my training cloth. Anyway, here are three attempts. More practice is nessesary.


It was easier to work with a light coloured thread. This is my second attempt.


My very first Spanish Feather Stitch. This colour made it difficult to see where to put the needle down.

My third and last attempt for now. In combination with Split Back Stitch.

My third and last attempt for now, in combination with Split Back Stitch. I have to do something to hide the disurbing black lines.


How to hand Embroider Spanish Feather Stitch

Google picture search
Instruction on YouTube


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