2. Buttonhole stitch and Blanket stitch

To me, Buttonhole stitch and Blanket stitch are two different stitches. Buttonhole is the stitch I use when sewing buttonholes by hand. It has a little knot at the edge. The stitch introduced this week I call Blanket stitch, used for edges. In my samples i use both.

Both variants  are very useful stitches. I have used them for decoration, lacemaking and constructing a bowl

Above you can also see my first attempt to make lace with Buttonhole Stitch, (the white flower). Bellow is my second attempt using the same pattern with a few alterations.

The bowl bellow is made from ordinary string, covered with left over from rug weaving sewn together with Buttonhole stitch.

And here are two kinds of Blanket Stitch on a Crazy Quilt.

This week I found a fabric called ”Flowers of Paradise”. I have started filling the flowers with with Fly stitch, Buttonhole stitch and Blanket stitch.


It is almost likeimageimageimage


How to work Buttonhole Stitch

Needlepoint Lace tutorial: about making lace with Buttonhole stitch.
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