8. Chain Stitch

Chain Stitch is fine for lines, but also for fillings. I worked both this week.


image The flower above has many different stitches, Herringbone, Fly and Detached Chain Stitch. This week I added Chain Stitch.


Above is a flower with Chain Stitch only.


Leaves with three rows of Chain Stitch.


I like the combination of Chain Stitch and Back Stitch as in the stem. The little leaves are two  Detached Chain Stitches.

Then a felted ball, with Chain, Buttonhole and Herringbone Stitch.

… and a denim swatch with different threads; Herringbone, Fly, Back Stitch and French Knots.


Chain Stitch


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  1. This flower sampler is gorgeous! I just looked through your previous posts and your work is lovely and so creative. (I am now following your blog on Bloglovin.) It will be fun to see what you share next week!